The lack of content on my blog for the last few months could be a sign of 1. a total lack of progress worth recording or 2. being busy with school, serving, and a brand new internship.

I can tell you now that it’s the latter!

My writing portfolio has grown significantly since becoming a Communications Intern at the Culinary Tourism Alliance, a Toronto-based non-profit in September.  The organization is small and our office is open, thus I’m exposed to the full-spectrum of successes and challenges involved in running a non-profit.  It’s not easy!

The CTA’s latest endeavour is Feast On™, a certification program for businesses who commit to using Ontario-sourced food and beverages, as a way to support Ontario farmers and the local food movement.  Great cause, right? And it’s pretty remarkable what this small teeny-tiny group has accomplished.

Wining and dining like it’s our job (because it is) at the Norman Hardie Vineyard & Winery #LifeIsHard

My role at the CTA encompasses writing blog posts and writing/scheduling social media content, and I’ve enjoyed matching their brand voice – it’s fun, bubbly, and “foodie” oriented, which is a bit cringe-worthy, but I like wearing different figurative hats a lot more than wearing real hats.

I’m also not blind to the fact that I, a server who hates when “food bloggers” take 10 minutes to photograph their food, am now going on media Fams (familiarization tours) and doing just that #footinmouth #omnomnom.  The irony is palpable, thus, leaving the food industry is on the horizon… As good and as the CTA’s “why is, it’s time for me to set my sights on for-profit agency life!

Both my internship and marketing certificate ends late December (goodbye 2016!), and you can find a list of my published articles, including the CTA Holiday Gift Guide, here.

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