Alrighty then.  Two weeks ago, I vowed to make a few changes to two of my social media pages as a way to sell myself and boost my own “personal brand”.  My LinkedIn page is now officially live – it’s still a bit lackluster in comparison to the professionals who use it on a regular basis and are, y’know, actual professionals, but it’s a start.  Having some sort of presence is better than no presence.  I also changed my tumblr layout slightly, and have considered actually paying for a new theme in the future.

In the meantime, I’ve been working, completing various class assignments, and have started volunteering…

My sister-in-law works for the Black Creek Community Farm (BCCF), an urban organic farm in Toronto’s Jane and Finch/Black Creek community, and I now assist her and the farm’s program directors with promoting their many activities and events, primarily through Facebook, Twitter and a little bit of Instagram.  What a huge opportunity!  I’m cutting my teeth on HootSuite, sourcing images, analyzing Facebook Page insights *irl*, and simultaneously taking Social Media and Digital Marketing courses (the amount of overlap is a total blessing rather than a curse).  I’m still learning to navigate the world of organic urban farming – understanding the movement’s major players and partner organizations, figuring out how to communicate and engage with the community we serve, etc. – but food security and community building are too easily overlooked, and I want to help the BCCF make a difference.

Methinks this is a step in the right direction to find a cause that I believe in, and to get tangible, measurable experience under my belt. Progress feels good!

BCCF Farm Camp 2015
Image from Black Creek Community Farm’s 2015 Farm Camp

Feel free to browse what we’ve been up to:


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