When was the last time you learned something new? Something tangible, something specialized, something totally unrelated to your daily routine… Was it a struggle? Rewarding? Exhausting? Fascinating?

Learning to weave is one of the best things I’ve done in recent years. For one, I can now turn balls of yarn into durable and colourful pieces of fabric/art  – it’s like magic, but with a lot of planning, time, attention to detail, and swearing! The learning curve was steep, but the pieces (eventually) fell into place with the help of the right books (1 & 2), teacher, and studio environment.

Fabric weaving is not for everyone, and it will completely change your view of many everyday fabrics; the time and effort required by someone, or something, somewhere, to make your jeans – or even a simple cloth and that tattered old rag rug in your parent’s basement – is genuinely staggering.   Not mention, weaving is truly an ancient craft, and literally (LITERALLY!) every culture has used their own form of weaving for functional, art, and/or story-telling purposes.


The preparation and precision involved in all types of weaving is time-consuming and vital, and the tiniest mistake can cause serious repercussions later on. Crucial stages aside, weaving as a hobby can be a very grounding and therapeutic experience, and the end results can be well worth the struggle.

Besides weaving, my latest endeavour has been going back to school, eeek!

More on that later…

3 thoughts on “ Warped ”

  1. Love your post! During my learning, the most fascinating moment was when I had the thought that all over the world weavers had the essential, simple and genius idea, that you need the cross if you don’t want to get completely tangled with your warp. Keep on learning, there is no limit in weaving! Uli


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